Technical Support. Need a little technical help every now and then? Commercial or domestic? Want to avoid signing up to a monthly plan? No job too small. We can visit you.

System Search.  Want systems to help your business become more profitable?  We do side-by-side comparisons of your options to help you make clear choices.

Vendor Search.  Same process as finding a system.  We will find someone to look after your best interests.

Installation.  Need assistance setting up your new system. We can help with that too.

Upgrades.  Are you unsure whether to proceed with a costly upgrade?  We give independent friendly advice.

Technical Writing.  We learn enough about how your business works.  Then write documents and spreadsheets to your specifications.

Time-Wasting Errors.  Does your system have annoying error messages that slow you down?  We can locate the source and help fix things.

Programming.  Do you have custom-built software and your programmer has moved on?  We can help sort things out.

At On Beam Consulting we will give you a quote before starting a job – no surprises. See our Terms of Trade

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